Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor fight predictions!

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor fight predictions!

The fight everyone is has been waiting for is happening! Floyd vs Pacquiou... Wait that already happened. Floyd Mayweather and the guy from the octagon Conor Mcgregor are going to box it out at 9pm EST. This fight hasn't started and both parties have won. the revenue they have pulled in is a gross of over 500 million dollars. 

Floyd is going to be looking to keep his undefeated streak going with a record of 50-0 while Mcgregor is looking for an upset to the boxing world and the money team. Conferences after conferences, tweets after tweets; Someone hand will be raised in front of the world after tonight. 

Floyd could go in and play his defensive running tactic hes been doing his whole career; or end it quick with a knock out in round 1. Conor Mcgregor is going to be looking to end it early either way. This could pose as a danger for him. Especially if that is what Floyd wants to happen. No one is sure what will happen but we do know its going down. Who is your pick to win? Will either get a TKO or KO? Or Will Mcgregor get disqualified? Stay tune on the next episode of.....!


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